Marblehead Youth News is produced, filmed, and delivered by middle and elementary school-aged kids. MYN features news in a magazine-style format covering a wide range of interests and events that impact and inspire the under-14 set. It is the only program of its kind on the North Shore of Massachusetts (or beyond).

Guided by skilled MHTV staff and with the organizational support of parent volunteers, children in grades 2nd to 8th fill a variety of roles from on-air anchors and location-based reporters to producers, videographers, camera-people, technical directors, floor directors, teleprompter operators and more. MYN offers children the opportunity to pitch, write, shoot, interview, film, direct and edit the stories that inspire them most. MYN welcomes athletes, artists, actors and anyone interested in exploring a “real” television news experience.  

MYN kids are encouraged to pitch their own stories and use their own video devices (or those borrowed from MHTV) to develop and produce finished stories. Additionally, all shows are taped at MHTV where kids have access to professional media equipment and expert guidance.

Children can participate all year, or whenever they can; all positions rotate and everyone gets the chance to contribute in any way they wish. Story ideas are welcome all the time!

MYN launched in August of 2011 after a local mom, interested in better utilizing the town's TV station and introducing her sports-centered kids and others to a challenging, new experience, pitched MHTV with the idea for kid-run news program. In a cooperative effort by the station's generous staff and an interested and eager group of kids and parents, MYN aired its premiere show in October of 2011.

Since then, MYN has laughed and learned and as a result, produced (award-winning) shows that enabled kids to gain and build self-confidence and an appreciation for their community while also learning first hand how media works. MYN is simple: it's kids creating stories inspired by them and inspiring to them -- and the rest of us as well.

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  1. It's been a lot of fun! Thanks to all the staff at MHTV for your time, efforts and patience! You all have been incredible!! The kids are the stars and they all did a great job!