Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Our latest show, airing now on our regular schedule (scroll down to find air dates) examines some of the many ways Marblehead kids use technology for fun, learning, communicating and entertainment. The kids were pretty psyched for this "themed" episode and we hope our viewers will appreciate this uniquely kid-centric take on what life is like for kids in our "connected" world. We also want to thank a former Marblehead kid (now a grown up), Katie LeClerc Greer who shared her expertise on internet safety with two MYN reporters while waiting for a flight at JFK in New York. We had FaceTime to thank for that!

Please come to our next Brainstorming meeting -- January 20th, 3:15 at MHTV -- maybe there are other themes we should explore? 

Conor and Aidan (also cousins) anchored like champs.

Ben brought 100% of sports and technology! (Even if we can only see half of him here...)

Our cameramen were awesome!

Tucker helped out too!

Lucas was a pro at floor directing.

Jake brought us a review of "War Games" -- one of the first movies about computers....

And Justin reviewed the MazeRunner book -- a more modern take on technology and it's effects

Luca taught us about the fun and learning in Minecraft.

Cameron ruled the Tech Director position -- and had a lot of fun with the buttons!

Charlie stepped up last minute to operate the teleprompter! THANK YOU CHARLIE!

Check out ace reporters Haley, Kipp, Porter, Tucker and more for this very cool and educational MYN episode! Share our schedule with your friends and don't forget to like our Facebook page.

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