Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happiest of Everything from MYN!

All of us at MYN hope you enjoy the happiest and healthiest Holiday season!

The following crew (and talent) made our current show happen. Check it out to see kid-centric local shopping tips, international experiences, movie and book picks and more. These kids are awesome!

Please check out the schedule tab to get involved, plan ahead or find out when and where this excellent show airs.

Sean is the boss!
Aidan rocked it!

Ben is so cool!
Justin -- a multi talent! 
Actually, Noah might be the boss!

While Haley is an MYN pro, hats off to Kipp for stepping in for Griffin who was sick.
"Kipp did a great job" -- said other people who were not just his mom...
PS: I'm his mom!

JAKE! He did his best performance to date!

Luca wants perfection and delivers it! Great job, kid.

Monday, November 3, 2014

First Show, Season 4 is a Wrap!

Season four kicked off in late October with new faces, old friends and all of the talent, charm and enthusiasm this show is now famous for. Watch it now and all month!

Our next show tapes in two weeks so get ready!

Christopher and Justin anchored the desk with skill and humor!

Luca shared another great book review!

Elan handled a camera with...

Haley (also a reporter this month) and...

a cheerful Lucas!

Camden stepped in as Floor Director with great skill and confidence.

One take Jake!

Sports Anchor Tucker wrote and delivered an excellent report on youth sports...

while Ben delivered the info on the national sports scene!

Alex had it all under control as Tech Director while...

Matthew worked the teleprompter.