Monday, July 7, 2014

No Fireworks! No Worries! MYN Brings the Bang

We finished off our third season in the best way possible -- with creativity of time and imagination and such fantastic effort from the kids and their parents who make this show possible. Tune in at the regular schedule to see some of the most interesting, authentic and fun reporting Marblehead has to offer!

As we approach our 4th season, we need to carefully plan and also spread some of the duties. Opportunities exist for Marblehead High School students to take on responsibilities that might interest them -- publicity, social media promotion, childhood development and / or teaching, journalism, and of course film-making and editing. Volunteering time in any of these capacities now qualifies for community service hours (yahoo!): if you have or know of a High Schooler who might be interested, please encourage them to contact MYN or MHTV.

As always, we welcome parent volunteers all the time! And in every way!

Let's get on to the stars of our show:

Anchors Haley and Clara -- beautiful, smart, funny AND patriotic. 

Sports Anchor Charlie (dare we say) has a face for TV -- and brains and gumption for anything he dreams up! 
Luca's confident as Tech Director...

And no doubt so is Zander -- a pro!

Porter handled camera with patience and skill. This kid can do anything!


See these two girls above, Emily and Caroline?
These dedicated and charming Camera Woman and Floor Director are amazing in every way.

Keep an eye on each kid here, and every kid who takes on the challenge of MYN: they are kids to watch. More importantly, they should remind us every day how excellent it is to speak your mind, tell your story and take a risk


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