Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Show!

MYN believes that spring will in fact come to Marblehead: we know this because our newest show has a lot to do with warmer days when we can all get outside and truly enjoy our great town. Tune in starting this Friday to fend off the chill, learn something new and smile with the happy, amazing kids of MYN.

These kids remind us every day how fun life can be when you say "yes" to something new. 

We have two shows left for the academic year. Please see the Calendar (tab marked Schedule) as some dates have changed. Our next brainstorming meeting is the same: next Tuesday, April 1st, 3pm at MHTV. We have most of the crew scheduled but we are still seeking two anchors and of course reporters of all kinds. Come with your big ideas or let's work together to create some!

Anchors Griffin and Luca wrote one of the best scripts we've seen --
and delivered the news with charm and style -- and SPEED! 

We welcomed newcomer Lauren and offered some coaching advice -- turned out she didn't need it.
A star is born.

Sisters Emily and Caroline worked the cameras with grace and smiles.
They also encouraged Lauren. Such amazing kids!

Former anchor Ian stood in for his pal Jimmy J who had hockey practice.
Both boys also were reporters for this episode.

Porter manned the board and directed the cast and crew with confidence and kindness.
Joan said "I wish our adult staff was this good!"

What more can be said about Sean? He could run this whole program on his own.

Jake! JAKE! JAKE! We love Jake!
This was Zander's second time on the prompt. He needed no instruction!
He actually taught Griffin how to do it. You rock Zander!

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