Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happiest of Everything from MYN!

All of us at MYN hope you enjoy the happiest and healthiest Holiday season!

The following crew (and talent) made our current show happen. Check it out to see kid-centric local shopping tips, international experiences, movie and book picks and more. These kids are awesome!

Please check out the schedule tab to get involved, plan ahead or find out when and where this excellent show airs.

Sean is the boss!
Aidan rocked it!

Ben is so cool!
Justin -- a multi talent! 
Actually, Noah might be the boss!

While Haley is an MYN pro, hats off to Kipp for stepping in for Griffin who was sick.
"Kipp did a great job" -- said other people who were not just his mom...
PS: I'm his mom!

JAKE! He did his best performance to date!

Luca wants perfection and delivers it! Great job, kid.

Monday, November 3, 2014

First Show, Season 4 is a Wrap!

Season four kicked off in late October with new faces, old friends and all of the talent, charm and enthusiasm this show is now famous for. Watch it now and all month!

Our next show tapes in two weeks so get ready!

Christopher and Justin anchored the desk with skill and humor!

Luca shared another great book review!

Elan handled a camera with...

Haley (also a reporter this month) and...

a cheerful Lucas!

Camden stepped in as Floor Director with great skill and confidence.

One take Jake!

Sports Anchor Tucker wrote and delivered an excellent report on youth sports...

while Ben delivered the info on the national sports scene!

Alex had it all under control as Tech Director while...

Matthew worked the teleprompter.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We kicked off our 4th (award winning) season with new faces, familiar friends, and the kind of energy this show deserves. Here are some important details to remember:

1) We rotate all positions on the crew -- anchors, directors, etc
2) No training involved! MYN kids learn on the job!
3) Any kid can pitch and produce an on-location story any time (even via email!)
4) MHTV offers equipment plus editing and training: just ask!
5) Kids must become members of MHTV (best bang for your buck)
6) Volunteer parents are always welcome!

Here we go!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MYN Returns!

MYN will kick off Season 4 at the MHTV Studios on Oct. 7 at 3:15pm.
All are welcome!

Please remember that MYN was founded by a mom who could rarely make meetings. If you can't make this one, no worries. MYN welcomes your story pitches, crew and on air assignments via email if you can't make it.

MYN is and always will be about kids and the parents who raise them. We'll find a way to make it work!

Monday, July 7, 2014

No Fireworks! No Worries! MYN Brings the Bang

We finished off our third season in the best way possible -- with creativity of time and imagination and such fantastic effort from the kids and their parents who make this show possible. Tune in at the regular schedule to see some of the most interesting, authentic and fun reporting Marblehead has to offer!

As we approach our 4th season, we need to carefully plan and also spread some of the duties. Opportunities exist for Marblehead High School students to take on responsibilities that might interest them -- publicity, social media promotion, childhood development and / or teaching, journalism, and of course film-making and editing. Volunteering time in any of these capacities now qualifies for community service hours (yahoo!): if you have or know of a High Schooler who might be interested, please encourage them to contact MYN or MHTV.

As always, we welcome parent volunteers all the time! And in every way!

Let's get on to the stars of our show:

Anchors Haley and Clara -- beautiful, smart, funny AND patriotic. 

Sports Anchor Charlie (dare we say) has a face for TV -- and brains and gumption for anything he dreams up! 
Luca's confident as Tech Director...

And no doubt so is Zander -- a pro!

Porter handled camera with patience and skill. This kid can do anything!


See these two girls above, Emily and Caroline?
These dedicated and charming Camera Woman and Floor Director are amazing in every way.

Keep an eye on each kid here, and every kid who takes on the challenge of MYN: they are kids to watch. More importantly, they should remind us every day how excellent it is to speak your mind, tell your story and take a risk


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Show!

MYN believes that spring will in fact come to Marblehead: we know this because our newest show has a lot to do with warmer days when we can all get outside and truly enjoy our great town. Tune in starting this Friday to fend off the chill, learn something new and smile with the happy, amazing kids of MYN.

These kids remind us every day how fun life can be when you say "yes" to something new. 

We have two shows left for the academic year. Please see the Calendar (tab marked Schedule) as some dates have changed. Our next brainstorming meeting is the same: next Tuesday, April 1st, 3pm at MHTV. We have most of the crew scheduled but we are still seeking two anchors and of course reporters of all kinds. Come with your big ideas or let's work together to create some!

Anchors Griffin and Luca wrote one of the best scripts we've seen --
and delivered the news with charm and style -- and SPEED! 

We welcomed newcomer Lauren and offered some coaching advice -- turned out she didn't need it.
A star is born.

Sisters Emily and Caroline worked the cameras with grace and smiles.
They also encouraged Lauren. Such amazing kids!

Former anchor Ian stood in for his pal Jimmy J who had hockey practice.
Both boys also were reporters for this episode.

Porter manned the board and directed the cast and crew with confidence and kindness.
Joan said "I wish our adult staff was this good!"

What more can be said about Sean? He could run this whole program on his own.

Jake! JAKE! JAKE! We love Jake!
This was Zander's second time on the prompt. He needed no instruction!
He actually taught Griffin how to do it. You rock Zander!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter at MYN

Polar Vortex? Whatever.

Marblehead kids (true Yankees) have been out and about all winter long and totally creative despite some weather. This show is going to be one of our best.

Here's our crew:

The sister/brother team of Griffen and Haley -- well, wow. Griffen also served as our floor director this show.
He was also featured as a kid athlete. And Haley served as a reporter.

Porter jumped in on the camera, like he owned it.

DO NOT MESS WITH SEAN! This kid (our tech director) accepts nothing but excellence.
Noah is multi-talented: he easily shifted from floor manger to sports anchor... and handled Director Sean with ease.

Do you know these girls? You will...

Jasmyn and Lillian were our sister anchor team and they showed us what hard work and heart looks like.

He might be a "regular" but Jake gave his best performance for this show. 

Luca ran the teleprompter until he was needed on camera and then...

Zander stepped in. 
Zander and Porter rarely stopped practicing -- so impressive!

The reporters who present stories for MYN work very hard to create and execute them. The anchors spend hours working on their scripts and always arrive prepared. The crew is all-business from the minute they step out of the green room.

There is nothing more excellent than an MYN show. Truly.