Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Show -- What a Breeze!

We wrapped another one! This was an exciting show with many guests in the studio
and lots of on-set action.  Yet again our talent and crew arrived prepared and enthusiastic
-- so impressive!

Anchors Taylor and Noah were our Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw.
What a team!
Last minute production notes!

Our crew -- camera guys, floor director, and control room staff -- were awesome and 
remained calm and focussed (no pun intended) even with all the action on set.


Logan sums things up!

Danny, the Pro.

Sean works the controls.

Cole and Sean take a break from the action.

A pensive Ryan, floor directing... (his sister!)

Sports Anchor Kipp had some special (and tall) guests...

It was cool!
Ellie and Dalia brought the Yum factor!
A giggly Jake reviewed "Brave."

Gus and Sam, our He Said He Said wunderkind, were also on set -- props, wardrobe and all -- but unfortunately our publicist (Darcy) screwed up the picture...

The show will air all month on our regular schedule. Tune in! Tell your friends!

We brainstorm our next show Tuesday, April 2, 3:00-3:40 pm at MHTV.
This show will tape Wednesday May 8th (not our typical Tuesday...)

Should we add a show(or shows) over the summer? 
We could possibly tape in early June and with enough interest, again in July... 
Please answer the Poll at the right!

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