Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Show Wrapped!

Bitter cold can't keep MYN down! On Tuesday, January 29th, we wrapped a show chock full of great stories -- from the flu and Kids with a Cause to ghosts and sports and the Warwick Theater. We featured our first Sports Anchor, premiered a new set for Jake and also welcomed a reporter and photographer from the Boston Globe -- we'll let you know when the feature's in print.

The show will air through February on our regular schedule.

A reminder that our next Brainstorming Meeting is Tuesday, February 12th at 3pm at MHTV.
As always, all are welcome to come with assignment requests and story ideas.

Here's some pictures:

Anchors Dalia and Cameron get ready with Sports Anchor Sean:

It's always great to see new faces at the Studio and our crew was full of 'em:

There were hams too!

 Special thanks to Bryan for a super cool and absolutely perfect set for Jake!

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