Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Show Wrapped!

Bitter cold can't keep MYN down! On Tuesday, January 29th, we wrapped a show chock full of great stories -- from the flu and Kids with a Cause to ghosts and sports and the Warwick Theater. We featured our first Sports Anchor, premiered a new set for Jake and also welcomed a reporter and photographer from the Boston Globe -- we'll let you know when the feature's in print.

The show will air through February on our regular schedule.

A reminder that our next Brainstorming Meeting is Tuesday, February 12th at 3pm at MHTV.
As always, all are welcome to come with assignment requests and story ideas.

Here's some pictures:

Anchors Dalia and Cameron get ready with Sports Anchor Sean:

It's always great to see new faces at the Studio and our crew was full of 'em:

There were hams too!

 Special thanks to Bryan for a super cool and absolutely perfect set for Jake!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MYN is...

It's very exciting to feel the rush under the wings of MYN...
This wonderful, fun experiment has become a happy part of many lives.

It's important to remember a few things:

1) MYN does not have a permanent crew or talent group: we rotate all positions, always.
2) Almost every kid who does anything for MYN is doing it for the first time.
3) MYN encourages kids to learn new skills: editing, filming, production, speech, etc...
4) MYN appreciates independent work and thinking.
5) Kids rule here and work here.

Thank you to all the kids who make MYN!