Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Season 3 Premieres!

We kicked off the 3rd year of Marblehead Youth News with many new faces, many familiar ones, and an episode so huge, we had to do some editing to fit everything in! Amazing! The show will air throughout the month and we all agree, it is one of our best.

Anchors Ian and Kipp were cool under pressure, even with a wardrobe change in the middle of shooting!
Sports Anchor Haley was as shiny as her sparkling outfit. She's a graceful natural!
Brothers Gus and Sam (both fond of bacon) returned to pitch their new segment "Marblehead's Unsung Heroes."
Know of any? If so, please contact us.
Jimmy J. directed the floor with precision. And a smile -- always!

Zander should get his resume together! The kid made working a teleprompter look like, well, child's play. 
No worries when Cameron is at the board,
directing the show with a calmness we all admire.

Cameraman Luca, his dad Rob and pal Calum set up the shot...
And throw it over to Martha who was ready on Camera 2...
Just like Griffin was on Camera 1!
Producer? Yeah, we got Noah!
Jake shared another excellent review, and his great giggles and smile!

 Tune in to see all these amazing kids in (lights camera) ACTION!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013



MYN will kick off Season Three with a brainstorming meeting Tuesday, October 8th, at 3pm at the MHTV Studios. We're aiming for a quick on-air premiere so bring your great ideas and your willingness to go for it.

This show will air in October/November, so put your excellent thinking caps on and pitch those stories!

Can't wait to see everyone! As always, spread the word if you can (keep an eye on the Reporter too!) and if you can't make the meeting but still want to participate, no worries -- just contact Darcy or Kim.

ALSO and very importantly, it's time for everyone to renew their MHTV memberships. Forms are available for download here and will also be available at the Tuesday, October 8th meeting. Please remember that MHTV is by the community for the community: MYN would simply not be without this incredible facility and its excellent staff.

PS: A full schedule is forthcoming for your planning pleasure so please stay tuned.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Spring was in the air when we taped our last episode, and it showed in the smiles and energy of our anchors, reporters and crew. We love to see the enduring camaraderie and growing expertise of everyone at MYN. It's always so fun!

The show is airing now on our regular schedule (see the Schedule page for details).
Our next show will tape Tuesday June 18th (a week later than previously scheduled) and is about 98% booked...

Here are some highlights from Tape Day:

Anchors Cole and Logan are Boston Strong.

Jack is focused. 

So is Julia.

And Max too!

Sister and brother Dalia and Samy were all smiles even as they taped "She Said/He Said."

Floor Director Benny is thumbs up in our book!

One Take Jake -- all smiles!

Sports Anchorwoman Emma was a pro!

Tech Director Cameron managed the boards with cool confidence.

The Crew (and friends) in the booth. 

Signing off from another great MYN show!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The hits keep coming! 

Marblehead Youth News was the WINNER of the Hometown Media Award for "Children's Programming" in the Student Category.  This contest is the national competition among PEG Access organizations. 

Here's a statement regarding the competition:

The Alliance for Community Media (ACM) is proud to announce its 2013 Hometown Media Award winners – out of more than 800 entries.  The Hometown Awards recognize the best community media programming of 2012, and include student, independent producer and access center professional categories.

The Alliance for Community Media is the national lobbying organization for PEG Access stations across the country, and whose mission is “Promoting Civic Engagement Through Community Media”.

Check here for a list of winners.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Show -- What a Breeze!

We wrapped another one! This was an exciting show with many guests in the studio
and lots of on-set action.  Yet again our talent and crew arrived prepared and enthusiastic
-- so impressive!

Anchors Taylor and Noah were our Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw.
What a team!
Last minute production notes!

Our crew -- camera guys, floor director, and control room staff -- were awesome and 
remained calm and focussed (no pun intended) even with all the action on set.


Logan sums things up!

Danny, the Pro.

Sean works the controls.

Cole and Sean take a break from the action.

A pensive Ryan, floor directing... (his sister!)

Sports Anchor Kipp had some special (and tall) guests...

It was cool!
Ellie and Dalia brought the Yum factor!
A giggly Jake reviewed "Brave."

Gus and Sam, our He Said He Said wunderkind, were also on set -- props, wardrobe and all -- but unfortunately our publicist (Darcy) screwed up the picture...

The show will air all month on our regular schedule. Tune in! Tell your friends!

We brainstorm our next show Tuesday, April 2, 3:00-3:40 pm at MHTV.
This show will tape Wednesday May 8th (not our typical Tuesday...)

Should we add a show(or shows) over the summer? 
We could possibly tape in early June and with enough interest, again in July... 
Please answer the Poll at the right!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Show Wrapped!

Bitter cold can't keep MYN down! On Tuesday, January 29th, we wrapped a show chock full of great stories -- from the flu and Kids with a Cause to ghosts and sports and the Warwick Theater. We featured our first Sports Anchor, premiered a new set for Jake and also welcomed a reporter and photographer from the Boston Globe -- we'll let you know when the feature's in print.

The show will air through February on our regular schedule.

A reminder that our next Brainstorming Meeting is Tuesday, February 12th at 3pm at MHTV.
As always, all are welcome to come with assignment requests and story ideas.

Here's some pictures:

Anchors Dalia and Cameron get ready with Sports Anchor Sean:

It's always great to see new faces at the Studio and our crew was full of 'em:

There were hams too!

 Special thanks to Bryan for a super cool and absolutely perfect set for Jake!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MYN is...

It's very exciting to feel the rush under the wings of MYN...
This wonderful, fun experiment has become a happy part of many lives.

It's important to remember a few things:

1) MYN does not have a permanent crew or talent group: we rotate all positions, always.
2) Almost every kid who does anything for MYN is doing it for the first time.
3) MYN encourages kids to learn new skills: editing, filming, production, speech, etc...
4) MYN appreciates independent work and thinking.
5) Kids rule here and work here.

Thank you to all the kids who make MYN!