Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Show Wrapped -- !!!!

Every show is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. This show however might stand out for many of us at MYN. During this taping, something very different happened....

Here are some photos:

Anchors Amanda and Bella's very original script -- and awesome props and outfits -- were a highlight of the day!

Another highlight was seeing our old friend "Al About Town" behind the camera. Nice to see you Alex!

And Sean and Ryan came back with hats thanks to Producer/mom Kim!

Thankfully we had Cameron on floor direction to make sure things didn't get too silly. 

Newcomer Richard jumped right in on the boards and on the teleprompter!

Our tech director Gavin explained everything to Richard leaving nothing for Producer/mom Darcy to do but stand there and well, cross her arms and just, well, marvel at you all.

And then... then something strange happened: while we were filming, others were filming us.

There's Bus 52's Stephen with Ryan.

And here's Bus 52 Amy and Emmett:

But we got the chance to turn the cameras around! Here's Rory sitting with Bus 52 founder, Robert:

Good job Robert!

The amazing Bus 52 documentary film crew was with us for our November 27th taping and what an exciting time that was for all of us at MYN and MHTV. We were so impressed by this awesome group of young adults and their very cool mission. I think we impressed them too and I definitely know we made them laugh and feel happy.

What a great day! You should ALL be so proud.

This show will premiere Friday, November 30th on MHTV and throughout December.
MYN's Bus 52 story should be online mid-December. We'll be sharing info when we know.

Anchors and crew are set for our next show -- a limited one, a highlight show -- taping December 18th.  We are still seeking any bloopers you might have from your on location shoots. Have funny bits in your PCs? We'd love them. Need help editing those? Please be in touch!

Our next brainstorming meeting is Tuesday January 8th. That show will tape January 29th. We are seeking stories, anchors, crew and more! As always, please remember that we rotate all in studio anchor and crew positions but your stories make the show every time!

Best to all MYN families for a wonderful holiday season!

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