Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show #6 -- WRAPPED!

I'm not sure how we did it, but we did: in its inaugural year, Marblehead Youth News produced six funny, smart, interesting, moving and completely original shows. Kids created stories that mattered to them and they did so with sensitivity, passion and bravery. For nearly every MYN kid, this experience was a first: the first time in front of a camera, the first time behind one, the first time conducting an interview, the first time editing, the first time working a teleprompter and also reading one, the first time they've seen themselves on TV. 

I don't care how the saying goes; in this case, the first time's the charm.

I am so personally proud of each and everyone of you (and your parents). You dared to try something new! Your graphic creations, your promo spots, your stories, your camera work, your technique on the teleprompter, your editing skills, your grace under pressure as anchor or reporter, your dedication and commitment are memories and qualities I hope you will keep for life. 

I also want you to know that each of you has at one time or another made me howl with laughter and tear up with pride. It's been so fun and excellent to see you grow as TV people but more importantly, as kids. These are the things I will always remember. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES? Please share them in the comments below.

Enjoy the summer break! Keep thinking and shooting; we'd love to include your stories in September. Stay tuned to this website, which will be undergoing a small re-do, for new information and plans for next year. We've added a parent Co-Producer, Kim Schillinger, and a parent PR Person, Jennifer Winch. Together, with the always excellent support of the MHTV staff, we're motivated and psyched for the second season of MYN.

Until then, enjoy some photos from our taping today. Check this site for air dates! The next show will feature some great stories about teenaged heroes, candy, athletes, summer plans and yes, Grown Ups 2. 

(Remember: MHTV is now Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 28)

 Emmet and Sam prepare before tape rolls.

 Jack is a natural on the camera.

 Same with Max!

Cameron broke ground with this show: a seasoned crew member (and this month's Kid on the Street), Cameron was our first kid Director. There were no adults on the set -- just Cameron, the camera dudes, Max and Jack, and the anchors. Cameron coordinated camera shots, communicated notes to the anchors, and basically rocked it.

 Emmett went Hollywood...

And so did Jake, because he always does. Moore's Movie Minute has been the only segment to appear in ALL SIX of our shows. Jake's reviews have informed and delighted us, and his most recent, of "Jack and Jill" (featuring Adam Sandler), showed us how excellent this kid really is. We've nicknamed him "One Take Jake" for a reason. He is not only the pro of our show but one of MYN's most beloved participants.

Thanks so much for letting MYN be a part of your lives.

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