Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MYN -- Now and the Future

What an amazing debut year we've had! We produced five completely different and equally amazing shows. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to...

Including our next, and final show for the (academic) year, which tapes June 12th. This show will include three feature stories about some of our teenage heroes (two graduating seniors and an amazing teen artist), as well as two stories to sweeten the tooth. We'll look at sports from two angles, learn from our Kid on the Street (Cameron this month), and head to the video store after Jake's Movie Minute.

Check out the Story Ideas tab for more information.

We'll be taking the summer off... sort of. Rather than taping a show over the summer, we're encouraging kids to film pieces based on their summer adventures, travels or anything they've learned during the non-school months. These pieces will be the bulk of our premiere show in September; please think about it, and be in touch soon!

Next year, we're planning to meet about 3 weeks before each show. This @ hour-long meeting will allow us to brainstorm themes, story ideas, and make assignments for features, regular segments and technical staff. Though not mandatory, we definitely encourage kids to make this meeting, where we'll also be offering interview and other tips and strategies.

We're also working on ways to boost this website and better let the community know about all the great TV MYN is producing.

Stay tuned for news about your MYN Press lanyards -- which will make you all official kid reporters and crew!

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