Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show #3: It's a Wrap! (And Ready to Air!)

Our third show was a charm -- and completely charming!

The "Beyond Marblehead" production will take viewers around the world, literally...from Hong Kong to Canada to Japan to Mexico to.... Swampscott. (Ha! You'll see why...) The kids did an outstanding job, with superior focus, obvious hard work, and a great sense of humor. Though we're welcoming new kids every month, it's amazing to see how quickly they become seasoned TV vets.

Here's Rory and Cameron from the Control Room -- we're loving the complementary colors... Thanks for that, Cam's mom.

Anchors away with Gus behind the camera.

2nd Graders Kipp and Griffin prepared for their interview with Don Orne...

It's hard to sit still in these seats!

(Joan will be sending more pictures soon and I'll be posting them so stay tuned! Hopefully, we got one of Lily and Ben's sister, CC, our youngest MYN kid and a natural born talent.)

The show will premiere tomorrow, January 13th at 7:00pm on MHTV. It will repeat throughout the month on the following schedule:

Tuesdays at 1pm & 6 pm
Fridays at 7 pm
Saturdays at 12:30pm & 5 pm
Sundays at 12:30pm & 6 pm

Channel 10 Comcast, Channel 28 Verizon (including Fios)

Please spread the word!


Joan and I will be confirming our next Tape Day ASAP; we are tentatively firm for 2/7. Do you think we can pull off a 2/7 Taping? Thoughts?

I'm doing my best to figure out what might work best for the taping after that... MHD Public Schools break on February 20th, and Tower in March, but I definitely want to get a show on the air for March as we have a great story lined up about the Gospel Concert (3/24)...

In the meantime a few questions:

Should we stick to Themed show? If so, any ideas?
Alternately, any general story ideas? 
Are we missing something? 
I, for one, would love to find a way to interview more kids doing what they do (sports, theater, a charity, etc)...
And as always, please submit all requests for assignments!

Add your thoughts in the comments here! (Or to me via email...)


Claire and Kevin did a great job creating our opener, as did Benny with the promo he made for the show. We can and will still use them but there's a great opportunity for kids who prefer to be behind the camera to work on a project like this. Another MYN promo or ad (even for a pretend product)? Another opener for the show? We're up for anything...

The folks at MHTV can offer editing and production help for those who need it. Please contact me if your child might be interested.

Phew! That's it! 

Thanks again and as always to Joan, Bryan and Jon at MHTV as well as all our amazing kids and their parents...

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  1. What an amazing job the kids did and another HUGE thank you to DARCY for making this experience possible for our children. This is just the inspiration we look for to see if there is a spark in our kid’s eyes (we saw lots of sparks or I should say FIRE) never know what their future may hold thanks to the MHTV experience. GREAT WORK!