Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Kick off the New Year by tuning into to MHTV January 4th to see a very special episode of MYN. 

And mark Tuesday, January 6th, in your calendars: 
Brainstorming Meeting, 3:00pm, MHTV studios

We'll workshop story ideas for our February show and make reporter, anchor, and all crew assignments.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME! 
(Can't make it? No worries. Just email with story pitches, assignments requests, or questions.)

Here's some photos from Tuesday's taping:

 Anchors Elle and Davis did some quick prepping -- which they barely needed. These two were pros!

Veteran Floor Director Cameron coached Kipp, who took directorial duties that day.

Teleprompter dude Andrew did a great job, and so did camera operators Dalia, Cameron and Cole.

Tech Director Gavin is starting to make it look easy.

After Kim did a little herding of cats....


Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Show Wrapped -- !!!!

Every show is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. This show however might stand out for many of us at MYN. During this taping, something very different happened....

Here are some photos:

Anchors Amanda and Bella's very original script -- and awesome props and outfits -- were a highlight of the day!

Another highlight was seeing our old friend "Al About Town" behind the camera. Nice to see you Alex!

And Sean and Ryan came back with hats thanks to Producer/mom Kim!

Thankfully we had Cameron on floor direction to make sure things didn't get too silly. 

Newcomer Richard jumped right in on the boards and on the teleprompter!

Our tech director Gavin explained everything to Richard leaving nothing for Producer/mom Darcy to do but stand there and well, cross her arms and just, well, marvel at you all.

And then... then something strange happened: while we were filming, others were filming us.

There's Bus 52's Stephen with Ryan.

And here's Bus 52 Amy and Emmett:

But we got the chance to turn the cameras around! Here's Rory sitting with Bus 52 founder, Robert:

Good job Robert!

The amazing Bus 52 documentary film crew was with us for our November 27th taping and what an exciting time that was for all of us at MYN and MHTV. We were so impressed by this awesome group of young adults and their very cool mission. I think we impressed them too and I definitely know we made them laugh and feel happy.

What a great day! You should ALL be so proud.

This show will premiere Friday, November 30th on MHTV and throughout December.
MYN's Bus 52 story should be online mid-December. We'll be sharing info when we know.

Anchors and crew are set for our next show -- a limited one, a highlight show -- taping December 18th.  We are still seeking any bloopers you might have from your on location shoots. Have funny bits in your PCs? We'd love them. Need help editing those? Please be in touch!

Our next brainstorming meeting is Tuesday January 8th. That show will tape January 29th. We are seeking stories, anchors, crew and more! As always, please remember that we rotate all in studio anchor and crew positions but your stories make the show every time!

Best to all MYN families for a wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

November Show Wrapped!

We finished our latest show in record time! It's always incredible to see how the kids go from nervous, giggly first-timers to seasoned pros with such speed. We're really excited about the next show (airing throughout November): excellent interviews, great stories, and always, lots of fun. 

Here's co-anchor Ryan in a pensive moment awaiting his cue:

Our first ever Technical Director Gavin on the boards. Gavin was fantastic!:

Cameragirls Rory, Amanda and Bella were great -- and loved chatting with each other on the headsets:

The crew posed with anchors Ryan and Danny -- who were amazing! They worked together on their script and it showed: 

Gus and Sam presented the first ever "He Said, He Said"-- as only brothers could -- and the fabulous One-Take-Jake returned with Moore's Movie Minute:

Very proud of you all!

We'll meet October 30th at 3pm at MHTV to brainstorm story ideas and make crew, reporter and anchor assignments for our next show, taping November 27th and airing throughout December. Get your thinking caps on! If you can't make the meeting but would like to participate, no problem! Just email

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Show Info and Other Important Details

And... we're off! The first show of Season 2 will tape Tuesday October 23rd. Anchor positions have been assigned, camera and teleprompter operators are ready to go, and for the first time, we're psyched to have a (kid) Technical Director helping out.

Look for the following segments:

Olympic Gold (Elle)
Terry's is Back (Rory, Bella, Amanda)
Glover is Gone (Gavin, Kurt, and Jimmy)
An Organic Garden Grows (Cameron)
A New Principal (Emmett)
Ready for Some Football! (Ryan)
Kid(s) on the Street (Gus and Sam)
Moore's Movie Minute (Jake)

For those of you taping "on location," please remember to start and finish your work with "This is ____ reporting for Marblehead Youth News." You can even add "Back to you at the studio!" MYN Press lanyards are available: please email if you need one.

Also, if you're using a smart phone, please film in the landscape position. Doing so makes Bryan's editing work must easier.

LASTLY: please make sure to become a member of MHTV, or renew your membership. This is extremely important and required. Membership forms and information can be found on the Tab above.

Friday, September 21, 2012

MYN Returns!

After six groundbreaking shows, Marblehead's beloved kid-produced news program returns!
Though we're not yet pros, we definitely have learned a lot since our first show nearly a year ago...

We hope you will return -- or newly join us -- for a brainstorming and informational meeting about our 2012-13 season on:

Tuesday, October 2nd, 3:00pm  
MHTV Studios

We'll work together to make Season 2 and our premiere show the best it can be!

Speaking of...

We tape our first show Tuesday, October 23rd at 3:00pm!

We're looking for:
- summer stories -- report on what you did or experienced (in the studio or via taped video/photos)
- news items on school happenings (new Village principal for example? the demolished Glover school?)
- fall sports stories
- Town news: visited new restaurants, ice cream places, etc?
- a "Kid on the Street" segment: "What will you be for Halloween?"
- an op-ed (the Presidential election or the potential movie theater in town or what have you?)

MYN wants all kinds of KID stories by all kinds of KIDS!

Be in touch in the comments below of via

Lights.... camera... ACTION!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show #6 -- WRAPPED!

I'm not sure how we did it, but we did: in its inaugural year, Marblehead Youth News produced six funny, smart, interesting, moving and completely original shows. Kids created stories that mattered to them and they did so with sensitivity, passion and bravery. For nearly every MYN kid, this experience was a first: the first time in front of a camera, the first time behind one, the first time conducting an interview, the first time editing, the first time working a teleprompter and also reading one, the first time they've seen themselves on TV. 

I don't care how the saying goes; in this case, the first time's the charm.

I am so personally proud of each and everyone of you (and your parents). You dared to try something new! Your graphic creations, your promo spots, your stories, your camera work, your technique on the teleprompter, your editing skills, your grace under pressure as anchor or reporter, your dedication and commitment are memories and qualities I hope you will keep for life. 

I also want you to know that each of you has at one time or another made me howl with laughter and tear up with pride. It's been so fun and excellent to see you grow as TV people but more importantly, as kids. These are the things I will always remember. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES? Please share them in the comments below.

Enjoy the summer break! Keep thinking and shooting; we'd love to include your stories in September. Stay tuned to this website, which will be undergoing a small re-do, for new information and plans for next year. We've added a parent Co-Producer, Kim Schillinger, and a parent PR Person, Jennifer Winch. Together, with the always excellent support of the MHTV staff, we're motivated and psyched for the second season of MYN.

Until then, enjoy some photos from our taping today. Check this site for air dates! The next show will feature some great stories about teenaged heroes, candy, athletes, summer plans and yes, Grown Ups 2. 

(Remember: MHTV is now Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 28)

 Emmet and Sam prepare before tape rolls.

 Jack is a natural on the camera.

 Same with Max!

Cameron broke ground with this show: a seasoned crew member (and this month's Kid on the Street), Cameron was our first kid Director. There were no adults on the set -- just Cameron, the camera dudes, Max and Jack, and the anchors. Cameron coordinated camera shots, communicated notes to the anchors, and basically rocked it.

 Emmett went Hollywood...

And so did Jake, because he always does. Moore's Movie Minute has been the only segment to appear in ALL SIX of our shows. Jake's reviews have informed and delighted us, and his most recent, of "Jack and Jill" (featuring Adam Sandler), showed us how excellent this kid really is. We've nicknamed him "One Take Jake" for a reason. He is not only the pro of our show but one of MYN's most beloved participants.

Thanks so much for letting MYN be a part of your lives.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Got Bloopers?

MYN is actively seeking your mistakes!
Please send us your video out-takes, the stuff you cut, the film of you laughing or forgetting the words, or the one where you forgot film was rolling.

There is a fine line between failure and funny -- and laughing at mistakes means the difference...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MYN -- Now and the Future

What an amazing debut year we've had! We produced five completely different and equally amazing shows. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to...

Including our next, and final show for the (academic) year, which tapes June 12th. This show will include three feature stories about some of our teenage heroes (two graduating seniors and an amazing teen artist), as well as two stories to sweeten the tooth. We'll look at sports from two angles, learn from our Kid on the Street (Cameron this month), and head to the video store after Jake's Movie Minute.

Check out the Story Ideas tab for more information.

We'll be taking the summer off... sort of. Rather than taping a show over the summer, we're encouraging kids to film pieces based on their summer adventures, travels or anything they've learned during the non-school months. These pieces will be the bulk of our premiere show in September; please think about it, and be in touch soon!

Next year, we're planning to meet about 3 weeks before each show. This @ hour-long meeting will allow us to brainstorm themes, story ideas, and make assignments for features, regular segments and technical staff. Though not mandatory, we definitely encourage kids to make this meeting, where we'll also be offering interview and other tips and strategies.

We're also working on ways to boost this website and better let the community know about all the great TV MYN is producing.

Stay tuned for news about your MYN Press lanyards -- which will make you all official kid reporters and crew!

Friday, March 9, 2012


We had another great afternoon at the MHTV studios shooting MYN Show #4. The show will premiere this Friday at 7PM -- check the "Schedules" page for complete air dates and channel listings. 

Here are a few snapshots, in no particular order! Enjoy!

 Henry prepares to anchor the show.

 Jake takes the floor.

 Melina gets some camera tips from Bryan.

 Caleb takes the helm as Teleprompter dude...

  and sees what the teleprompter looks like from the other side!

 Cameron the cameraman.

  And Danny!

 Our first Roundtable featured Sarah, Rory, Ben, Matthew (as moderator), Kipp, Bella and Amanda.

 An enthusiastic Sam shows off the props for his segment on What Not to Eat.

 The team works out some last minute details.

And Tim signs off.

Great job everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Show #3: It's a Wrap! (And Ready to Air!)

Our third show was a charm -- and completely charming!

The "Beyond Marblehead" production will take viewers around the world, literally...from Hong Kong to Canada to Japan to Mexico to.... Swampscott. (Ha! You'll see why...) The kids did an outstanding job, with superior focus, obvious hard work, and a great sense of humor. Though we're welcoming new kids every month, it's amazing to see how quickly they become seasoned TV vets.

Here's Rory and Cameron from the Control Room -- we're loving the complementary colors... Thanks for that, Cam's mom.

Anchors away with Gus behind the camera.

2nd Graders Kipp and Griffin prepared for their interview with Don Orne...

It's hard to sit still in these seats!

(Joan will be sending more pictures soon and I'll be posting them so stay tuned! Hopefully, we got one of Lily and Ben's sister, CC, our youngest MYN kid and a natural born talent.)

The show will premiere tomorrow, January 13th at 7:00pm on MHTV. It will repeat throughout the month on the following schedule:

Tuesdays at 1pm & 6 pm
Fridays at 7 pm
Saturdays at 12:30pm & 5 pm
Sundays at 12:30pm & 6 pm

Channel 10 Comcast, Channel 28 Verizon (including Fios)

Please spread the word!


Joan and I will be confirming our next Tape Day ASAP; we are tentatively firm for 2/7. Do you think we can pull off a 2/7 Taping? Thoughts?

I'm doing my best to figure out what might work best for the taping after that... MHD Public Schools break on February 20th, and Tower in March, but I definitely want to get a show on the air for March as we have a great story lined up about the Gospel Concert (3/24)...

In the meantime a few questions:

Should we stick to Themed show? If so, any ideas?
Alternately, any general story ideas? 
Are we missing something? 
I, for one, would love to find a way to interview more kids doing what they do (sports, theater, a charity, etc)...
And as always, please submit all requests for assignments!

Add your thoughts in the comments here! (Or to me via email...)


Claire and Kevin did a great job creating our opener, as did Benny with the promo he made for the show. We can and will still use them but there's a great opportunity for kids who prefer to be behind the camera to work on a project like this. Another MYN promo or ad (even for a pretend product)? Another opener for the show? We're up for anything...

The folks at MHTV can offer editing and production help for those who need it. Please contact me if your child might be interested.

Phew! That's it! 

Thanks again and as always to Joan, Bryan and Jon at MHTV as well as all our amazing kids and their parents...