Sunday, November 20, 2011


We're all super excited for our second Tape Day tomorrow! We know that our on-set, on-location and behind the scenes kids will once again make us all very, very proud. Can't wait!


As we move into the busy holiday season, here's some advance notice about our next show. We are scheduled to tape January 3rd which is the first day back to school for MHD Public Schools. UGH.
(Great planning, Darcy!) (I mentioned this was a "learning experience," right?)

I will be checking on a new date with MHTV -- possibly one week forward (January 10th); please stay tuned.

What we do know is that our January show will have a "Beyond Marblehead" theme. Because we already have so many great ideas for features, we'll be changing the format of the show a bit -- please see the Story Ideas/Confirmed Stories page to see what's happening.

Our January show will have more of a "Chronicle" feel, rather than a Nightly News feel. 

We'll have our two Anchors (already assigned), but will NOT feature a SCHOOLS REPORT or an ACTIVITY REPORT. Instead, these two ideas will be folded into features that have already been pitched and approved: how teachers broaden borders (schools) and how kids' cultural lives are touched by international ideas, events or things (activities).  This does not mean, however, that we won't need kids and their great ideas! Kids are welcome to provide either taped pieces or essays that relate to this theme.

As for the SPORTS REPORT: we would love to see this less as an update on MHD sports but more as an essay about international sports and the ways that kids play sports or a sport around the world. Another great idea would be a in-depth look at MHD Hockey's partnership with Canada's St. Lamberts.

We will, as always, feature MOORE'S MOVIE MINUTE and if a child is interested in an EDITORIAL, bring it on! If possible, please try to keep these two segments within the theme "Beyond Marblehead."

Lastly, because of the holiday season and so that we can all enjoy it fully, due dates may be shifted from our "regularly scheduled program." I'll be in touch as soon as possible with our new tape day, due dates, etc., but in the meantime, thank you for asking your kids to put their "Beyond Marblehead" hats on!

Best wishes to all for healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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