Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Did It!

Anchors away! Paris and Alex with MHTV's Jon ready to roll.

One last minute tip (?)

Reid gets some tips from a pro.

And soon flies solo!

And so does Ben...

A pensive Gus...

Hadley gets mic'd while Ben adjusts the camera.

This is what it looked like -- Hadley in miniature!

Learning together...

Lily waits for her cue.

The amazing Moore's Movie Minute:

Only one of us couldn't sit still -- and it wasn't Kipp or Revo!

It's a wrap!

Our debut show premieres November 1st and throughout the month on MHTV (Channel 10 Comcast, Channel 28 Verizon; check the Schedule tab for exact times).

You should all be VERY PROUD!

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