Friday, October 28, 2011

ASSIGNMENTS 11/21 SHOW -- Updated!!!

We have almost fully assigned Show Number two! Woohoo!
There are chances for kids to team up: we're looking for kids who might want to videotape while other kids interview, etc.

MYN  Team Assignments: 11/21 Show
* Indicates required attendance on Tape Day NOVEMBER 21!

Anchors:                                    Jack *
                                                    Gabriela *

One kid per each position:
School News:                           Natalia *
Sports News:                           Ben *
                                                   (Nicholas will provide a pre-taped story on the NEJO    Badminton tournament in mid-November)

Activity News:                         Sam *
                                                   (Sam will also share pre-taped about the Christmas Walk.)
                                                   (Melania will pre-tape an update on her Girl Scout Troop )

"Al About Town":                       Alex * will review "Peter Pan 360"

Moore’s Movie Minute:         Jake *

Opinion/Editorial:                 Henry *


MOVIES IN TOWN? -- Lily will look at our town's effort to bring back the Warwick Theater, with Elle interview "people on the street."
VILLAGE SCHOOL CHORUS -- Grace will report on preparations leading to the groups performance at the Tree Lighting.
INTERVIEW -- Rory and Cameron are seeking a special "get" -- stay tuned!
TOWER SCHOOL -- stories coming!

Features are kid-driven – pitch something!
Finished segments (between 3-5 minutes) are due one week prior to Tape Day.
Features must be pre-approved (to avoid overlap) and come edited and ready for air.
Sign in and off with “This is ____ for MYN.”

Camera work             Camden, Benny K. *
Production                 (one kid)
Teleprompter            Gus *

One to two kids         Camden, Benny

1 to 3 Editors (preferably 6th to 8th Grades)

1 to 3

As many as needed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Did It!

Anchors away! Paris and Alex with MHTV's Jon ready to roll.

One last minute tip (?)

Reid gets some tips from a pro.

And soon flies solo!

And so does Ben...

A pensive Gus...

Hadley gets mic'd while Ben adjusts the camera.

This is what it looked like -- Hadley in miniature!

Learning together...

Lily waits for her cue.

The amazing Moore's Movie Minute:

Only one of us couldn't sit still -- and it wasn't Kipp or Revo!

It's a wrap!

Our debut show premieres November 1st and throughout the month on MHTV (Channel 10 Comcast, Channel 28 Verizon; check the Schedule tab for exact times).

You should all be VERY PROUD!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get Psyched!

Here's Cam and Elle readying to promote MYN:

You rocked girls! Thanks for leading the MYN charge!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Countdown Begins!

Lots of great news to share:

All three of our features are finished and delivered. And they look great! The same can be said of the MYN Opening created by Claire and Kevin. Our Anchors and Reporters are hard at work on their scripts -- thanks to everyone who delivered news and information! Jake's movie review is in and Lily's book review is on the way!

Benny is hard at work on a teaser clip (thanks to all those who taped their bit last Monday). That clip will accompany Cameron and Elle's segment on next week's MHTV News about MYN.

Break a leg, girls!

After some snafus, we seemed to have figured out our media sharing problems. A big thanks goes to Joan and everyone at MHTV for their patience and assistance! This week we'll be double checking that everything "works" and then it's lights camera action on October 25th.

If you are not required in studio that day, you are still welcome to stop by, but remember QUIET ON THE SET!

Thanks everyone!