Thursday, September 22, 2011


Despite the fact that our first show is underway (we tape October 25th), we are still very actively welcoming kids and parents who are interested in joining Marblehead's newest (and youngest) news team.

All MYN positions (anchor, reporter, camera work, etc) are rotating. Story ideas can be pitched by anyone at anytime: simply leave an idea under the Story Ideas page! There are many ways to be involved and any time is a great time to join in on the fun.

We do not have regular meetings but communicate frequently via email and through this blog. Kids complete their assignments (feature videos, script writing, editing) on their own time, but those who are on-camera in studio (anchors, reporters, reviewers), camera people, directors and producers are required to be present at 3:30 on Tape Days (always a Tuesday; the Schedule page has more information.)

In many ways, this is a very independent group, which we hope will work with your demanding schedule. All MYN kids should visit to become members of the station; this is required.

As always, please contact Darcy ( with any questions.

Join us!

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