Thursday, September 15, 2011


The anchors should lead with a welcome (*This is Marblehead Youth News and I thank you for tuning in.") followed by an overview of all the news to come, in about 1 minute.

The Anchor will provide an overview of the show and prepare "leads" to each news segment, as in, "Let's hear from ___ about school news" or "And here's ___ with an update on sports."

The Anchor will also write an introduction to each Feature.

Anchors will be supported with news/information/copy 1-2 weeks before Tape Day.

Reporters should encapsulate news into 1-2 minute segments.
(Video may air over; for example: talking about new soccer uniforms? New uniforms will be shown.)

Reporters should focus on who/what/where.
"Tell the reader immediately what has happened and why it’s important." -- Reuters

An editorial piece should run 1-2 minutes and follow a basic "problem/gripe and solution" format -- 1-2 minutes.

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