Tuesday, September 27, 2011


October 25th looms... Here are some details about our first show:

OPENING SEGMENT -- Claire and Kevin C are on it!

Paris and Alex will introduce MYN, reporters, and features.
(Script tips coming!)

School: Hadley will update us on school news.
This segment will "tease" a feature interview with Village VP, Mr. Ota (also conducted by Hadley).

Sports: Gabriela will give us an update on what's happening in sports.
This segment will include a video clip (15 secs approx) featuring old and new soccer uniforms.

Activity/Theater: Sam Baylow will tell us about upcoming plays and other cultural news.
We MAY have a clip from the new MHLT show.

(News tips coming -- 9/30!)

Book Review: Lily Yates will give us a 1-2 minute review of her favorite book.
Movie Review: We'll be adding one!

Opinion/Editorial: Kipp Schauder will interview MYN Producer Darcy Mayers...about MYN.

(The above will tape in studio 10/25.)


Surf's Up: Rory Schauder and Olivia Moore present a story about their summer camp experience.

A Star Among Us: Ilana and Sophie interview Glee Project star, Lynn native and MHLT actor, Alex Newall.

Our New VP: Hadley interviews Mr. Ota, new Vice Principal at the Village School.

(The above are due edited and ready to go October 18th.)

Paris and Alex will sign off.

Additionally: Benny K. is working on a 30 second "teaser" for our segment on MHTV news on October 20th. Elle Zymba and Cameron Saltsman will share news about MYN and our first show and present the teaser. Have extra video, like an outtake or two? Please send it to Darcy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Despite the fact that our first show is underway (we tape October 25th), we are still very actively welcoming kids and parents who are interested in joining Marblehead's newest (and youngest) news team.

All MYN positions (anchor, reporter, camera work, etc) are rotating. Story ideas can be pitched by anyone at anytime: simply leave an idea under the Story Ideas page! There are many ways to be involved and any time is a great time to join in on the fun.

We do not have regular meetings but communicate frequently via email and through this blog. Kids complete their assignments (feature videos, script writing, editing) on their own time, but those who are on-camera in studio (anchors, reporters, reviewers), camera people, directors and producers are required to be present at 3:30 on Tape Days (always a Tuesday; the Schedule page has more information.)

In many ways, this is a very independent group, which we hope will work with your demanding schedule. All MYN kids should visit MHTV.org to become members of the station; this is required.

As always, please contact Darcy (iamdarcyATverizon.net) with any questions.

Join us!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DUE DATES and Keeping on Track

Here are few key dates to remember as we close in on our big debut:

School flyers delivered!

Parent "News Gatherers": please email Darcy by 9/30 with any news you might have.
I'll pass it along to our reporters who will begin crafting scripts.

Those needing video editing assistance: please ask for help! We have experts on standby!

All video features should be edited and ready to go!

Scripts should be emailed to Darcy for final editing.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is an excellent, easy resource.


The anchors should lead with a welcome (*This is Marblehead Youth News and I thank you for tuning in.") followed by an overview of all the news to come, in about 1 minute.

The Anchor will provide an overview of the show and prepare "leads" to each news segment, as in, "Let's hear from ___ about school news" or "And here's ___ with an update on sports."

The Anchor will also write an introduction to each Feature.

Anchors will be supported with news/information/copy 1-2 weeks before Tape Day.

Reporters should encapsulate news into 1-2 minute segments.
(Video may air over; for example: talking about new soccer uniforms? New uniforms will be shown.)

Reporters should focus on who/what/where.
"Tell the reader immediately what has happened and why it’s important." -- Reuters

An editorial piece should run 1-2 minutes and follow a basic "problem/gripe and solution" format -- 1-2 minutes.

Interview Tips

Think about what your story is about.
Have a good idea of the information you need to tell your story.
Create your questions, decide which you will ask, and write them down.
MHTV's Joan says the most important part of interviewing is listening...
Make sure you hear every answer!
Sometimes the answer will change your next question.
Never forget the who/what/where which is essential for news reporting, but a great story always has unique elements that make the reader/listener/viewer feel "connected" to the story.
"A good Reuters story gets straight to the point and has all the main elements – including context, background, human interest, color and descriptive woven in from the top, not just tagged on as an after-thought." -- Reuters
These are a few examples of questions that might get the answers you'll need:
How do you see ___ changing/building/growing?
What are your dreams for _____?
Why do you love ___so much?
What's next?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Let's begin by saying that YOU ARE AWESOME.
We could and probably should end there, but alas! We can't.
You guys are literally making this happen...

A few updates, questions and requests:

We could use a couple extra hands on the Logo Contest -- even for brainstorming!

Can we split distribution of flyers between elementary schools?

I've been working on our scrolling credits but think someone out there might be better at it? I can supply the text... (MYN Kid Claire is working on an opening sequence/image. In the test I did on Imovie, the scrolling credits roll over the image, and if possible we should probably use hers?!)

Is anyone interested in brainstorming/building an Editorial Committee of kids and parents? This was mentioned at the meeting and I love the idea.



Anchors will introduce the show, reporters and feature stories.
Anchors will write their own scripts (due one week before Tape Day).
Anchors will be expected on Tape Day ready to go.

Reporters will deliver the News they are assigned.
Reporters can seek news but will also be "fed" information by parent volunteers
Reporters will write their own scripts (due one week before Tape Day).
Reports should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds.
Reporters will be expected on Tape Day ready to go.

Reviewers will choose a movie or book to share and prepare a review.
Reviews will be due one week before Tape Day and should not exceed one minute.
Reviewers will be expected on Tape Day.

Features will be pitched @ one month before Tape Day.
Anyone can do a feature -- topics are varied and not-specific, though concentrate on relevancy.
Features must be completed (fully edited) one week before Tape Day.
Feature "doers" are not expected at Tape Day.

Opinion pieces will be pitched @ one month before Tape Day.
Anyone can do an Opinion Piece!
Opinions must be completed (fully edited) one week before Tape Day.
Opinion "doers" will be expected at Tape Day.

Directors will work with MHTV Staff to keep on-air talent on mark and organized.
Directors are expected at Tape Days.

Camera Apprentices will work with MHTV Staff to shoot Tape Day.
Camera Apprentices are expected at Tape Days.

Producers will make sure Tape Days run smoothly.
Producers will keep track of timing, scripts, etc. on Tape Day.

Video editors will work with MHTV Staff to put the final show together.
Video editors will be expected at MHTV studios on to two days after Tape Days, 3:30pm at MHTV studios..

Additionally, video editors may be available to help MYN kids with Feature editing.

These are TBD positions that we're thinking about:

Editorial staffers will organize and brain-storm story idea and MYN Content.
A parent coordinator is necessary.

Copy writers will work with (younger) Anchors and Reporters who may not have experience.

OCTOBER 25th Assignments

MYN Assignments SHOW DATE 10/25


Paris T.

Alex A.


School News: Hadley K.

Sports News: Gabriela G.

Activity/Theater News: Sam B.

Book Review: Lily Y.

FEATURES: (Confirmed)

Brickhouse Surf Camp (Rory S & Olivia M.)

Village School Vice Principal (Hadley K.)

Alex Newall Interview (Ilana F)

Spaces open! Odyssey of the Mind? Nutrition/fitness center in Lynn?





Reid T.

Ben Y.


Tim C.

Video Editing/Production:

Benny K.


Claire and Kevin C.

Lights, Camera...


The first meeting of the very new Marblehead Youth News on September 12th, 2011 was an absolute success. Nearly forty children (and their parents) gathered to share their enthusiasm for what is no longer a fledgling idea. The excitement was infectious, but more importantly, the amazing talent of so many eager kids was inspiring.

Please visit this site often for updated information and please add your email in the box at the right for messaged reminders of what's new here. We'll be posting assignments, sharing strategies and tips, offering "team-up" opportunities and updating the schedule as needed.

Please check in on the Story Ideas page often! You can pitch your ideas there or see those stories that are already confirmed.

The Schedule page includes Tape Days and some basic information on Due Dates and Expectations.

Remember: MYN sounds a lot like "mine."

This will be what YOU make it!